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SDKs for Integration of Inbound and Outbound SMS

Dynmark’s platform has been developed so that each of the services we offer can be consumed separately through APIs. We have then pre-built those APIs and web services to enable businesses to plug directly into the platform with minimal technical effort.

Integration provides businesses with a way to make SMS part of their communications strategy without requiring any additional resource to create and run those communications. All our developer services are available through the Cloud Portal free of charge and once built-in can be activated instantly. The only cost involved is time and the cost of the messaging itself.

why it will work for you

  • Fully secured APIs HTTPS (1024 bit encryption)
  • High capacity, multi-threaded APIs
  • Dedicated integration team
Power API

Dynmark Web Services

  • Send single or batch SMS messages across multiple asynchronous threads
  • Receive SMS messages with full delivery receipting
  • Push and pull APIs
  • Access messaging reporting and extensive message archive search facilities via the Cloud Portal
  • Set sociable hours for messages, to avoid delivery at inappropriate times
  • Delayed message sends, SMS queuing
  • Forward to email
  • Number format validation
  • Full 128 bit encryption
  • Long message support
  • Unicode & GSM 3.38 support
  • Validity period settings
  • High throughput using batches
  • Merge field support
  • Access to Intelligent Cloud directly through integration
Simple HTTP/S send

Other Services

  • Simple HTTP/s send – the simplest way to send, using a URL to send to multiple recipients
  • SMPP connections – compatible with SMPP 3.3 and 3.4, with multiple transceiver bind support
  • Phone Number Validation – single or bulk validation to find whether numbers are on, off or dead and their current and home network
  • Email to SMS – to allow email applications to send SMS directly through the Cloud Platform

Compatible with:

PHP, Perl, Ruby, SOAP, Java, python, Microsoft .NET, node JS

Microsoft.NETJavaphppythonRubyPerlnode JS

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